Mid-Life Strategist  
Creating the Next Stage in the Journey.

I'm pleased your curiosity has brought you to my site.
"It is never too late to
be what you might
have been."

            George Eliot
  SO . . . What's a Mid-Life Strategist?

It used to be that once we reached our fifties and early sixties we were looking at retirement. And retirement meant slowing down . . . maybe taking a few trips . . . spending time with the grandchildren, etc., etc.

But now, due to advances in medicine and lifestyle changes, when many of us reach our mid-life years, we may easily have another 20, 30 or maybe even 40 years in front of us. That leaves us a lot of time left for living—especially if we don't want to slow down.

Many of us want to do something different, write a new chapter or set a new stage. We want to try something more engaging, more fun, maybe even make a contribution. I call these years our "NEW Mid-life." And it's the first time in the history of humans that we have this kind of opportunity. What a gift!

As a Mid-Life Strategist, and an active "NEW Mid-lifer" myself, I definitely want to change how the world looks at aging. My goal is to help you re-discover, re-define, and re-invent what "mid-life" means to YOU. I help you find a new appreciation of WHO you are, WHAT you have to offer, and HOW to take good care of yourself while having fun.

If you're ready to discover what your "NEW Mid-life" looks like . . .

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Discover your Act 2®
I will lead you on a exploration of how to develop a deeper knowledge of who you are, what you love, what you value, how you have fun, and what you really want from this next stage in your life.
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